Friday, June 14, 2024

Plug-cleaning walls vk

Recently, when he saw that on my page VKontakte, the wall already has a lot of records starting somewhere in 2011. The task is clear, how quickly delete records on the wall in the VC. Immediately there was a small solution for a few lines of code. Plugin especially for google chrome set standard, follow the link to the store and Google nazhamaem "Free". After installing the plug-in control panel, normally the top right corner of the browser window, under cross closing the window, there is a button with blue text «VK wall», it can help to clean the wall VC is very simple. So, how to clean a wall in full contact this plugin. Go to the vkontakt and scroll to the bottom of the wall, as the site is created on technology AJAX, the page is loaded only a certain number of elements, and we have to delete all items. Then just click on the button «VK wall» and watch how quickly delete records on the wall in contact. Install.